How fantastic?

This is the personal blog of Guy Morrell. The name comes from a comment I made when, aged 3, I was given a small plastic doll of my favorite villan. My response to this gift was to say “Skeletor, how fantastic”. When something excites me, I tend to be quite vocal about it.

These days I work in the telecommunications industry as a Network Architect. I love the combination of design and problem solving, as well as the great community of people I get to work alongside.

This blog is a place where I will document my thoughts on the various technologies I work with. I intend to use it as anĀ aide memoire; if you come across it and have any comments or corrections, please do get in touch.

3 thoughts on “How fantastic?

  1. GoogleMan


    would it be possible to subscribe or get an email only when new posts arrive

    I don’t like to come and check all the time and see if there aren’t new posts


  2. neil


    Your guides are amazing. I am working on TACACS and my questions is regarding to authenticate login for wlc using GUI via TACACS. Is that possible ?


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