Here I describe any conventions I follow with my diagrams and labs, to save putting a key on each of them. I won’t repeat the interface and addressing scheme used in my Dynamips labs as that is documented here.


  1. Where it isn’t implicit:
    1. Layer 2 links will be in red
    2. Layer 3 links will be in blue
  2. Logical connections will use dashed links. For example, BGP peerings or any tunnels.
  3. I will often omit linknet IP addresses as these are predictable.
  4. I will use the RID n.n.n.n associated with interface loopback n to denote a router. For example, R1 will be labelled
  5. I will use a box to donate a logical group of devices, for example an AS or OSPF area.


  1. I’ll follow RFC 5398 and use AS numbers in the range 64496 – 64511.

I’ll add to this page as I think of more.

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