Arrival of the Camel (Cisco Modelling Labs)

A horse designed by a committee?

A horse designed by a committee?

My Account Manager kindly sent me this link: this morning. So VIRL CML is almost here. Most of what the site said is positive, Cisco has finally listened to its customers and produced an official modelling tool. Sure, it would be better if it could run standalone on my laptop for study on the move. The client server model should offer rock solid performance provided I have 2GB of RAM and 1GB of storage on my laptop, which I do and most modern machines will too. The server requirements aren’t to be sniffed at – 128GB of RAM! I assume that is for those who have purchased the L-CML-CE-100N= licence (increments of 100 licences on top of the base 10+5). The docs do say to visit the page I linked above to determine your memory requirements although I couldn’t find where to do that.

Since it is used in a virtual environment any hardware-related functionality, including Layer 2 functions such as Spanning Tree Protocol, are not currently supported.

This sentence doesn’t make a lot of sense. I could imagine them saying that UDLD isn’t supported for example, but surely STP is just a software feature that happens to run at layer 2? At any rate, I’d rather a rock solid release which is missing features than a feature and bug rich release. Hopefully switches are coming to a camel near you soon!

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